Offshore Wind in the Hunter.
The opportunities are limitless.

A Snapshot of the The Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm

2028 Construction Start

2031 Energisation

2,000MW Indicative Capacity

+20KM Distance to Coast

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How Offshore Wind Works

Wind turbine generators situated more than 20km off the Hunter coast will harness the strong, consistent wind resource at sea and convert this into electrical energy. The electricity will be gathered and transmitted onshore for connection to the NSW power grid. Given the deep water off the coast of NSW, the Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm will utilise floating foundation technology where turbines are deployed in water depths greater than 70 metres. Floating foundations allow projects to be located further from the coastline, access stronger, more consistent wind resources and are designed to minimise impacts on the marine environment and other ocean users.

3D Offshore Wind Farm diagram Flo a ting Sub s t a tion I nt e r -arr a y Cable Flo a ting F ound a tions ( T ransition Pie c e + Flo a ting S tru c tu r e) Wind T urbine Gener at o r s (Na c elle, Gear b o x, Blades) Wind T urbine S t eel T ow e r s High V olta g e E xport Cable Mooring Line Anchor F o o tin g s 3D Offshore Wind Farm diagram Flo a ting F ound a tions ( T r ansition Pie c e + Flo a ting S tru c tu r e) Flo a ting Sub s t a tion High V olta g e E xport Cable Mooring Line Anchor F o o tin g s I nt e r -ar r a y Cable Wind T urbine Gene r at o r s (Na c elle, Gear b o x, Blades) Wind T urbine S t eel T ow e r s

A single rotation of an offshore wind turbine can supply a day’s worth of energy for an average NSW household.

Why Offshore Wind for the Hunter

Use of Existing Grid Infrastructure

The Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm is close to strong existing grid infrastructure, reducing the need for large investment in new onshore electricity infrastructure

Significant New Job Opportunities

The Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm will create around 3,000 direct jobs during construction and a further 300 jobs during its 30-year operational life

Large Investment in the Hunter Region

An offshore wind industry will inject hundreds of millions of development expenditure into the Hunter region plus billions of dollars of capital investment to construct multiple wind farms. Further investment is needed to support offshore wind such as enabling infrastructure at port and new supplier workshops and facilities

Accelerating the New Economy

Offshore wind energy, along with hydrogen production and the electrification of transport, are exciting new large-scale industries that can assist in creating many energy, economic, environmental, technical and social benefits for Australia, NSW and the Hunter Region

Innovation Opportunities

The Hunter could be home to Australia’s Offshore Wind Energy Hub. In partnership with the University of Newcastle, there are significant opportunities for NSW to develop innovations in floating fountains, mooring systems, welding automation and robotics and advanced materials research in the marine environment

Leverage Existing Heavy Industry

Heavy industry has dominated economic development in the Hunter region for more than 150 years. The region is renowned for coal mining, steel making, manufacturing and power generation. The Hunter region has 30 years of expertise in hydrogen production and an existing customer base in electricity generation

Revitalise Local Manufacturing

Floating technology is a significant opportunity for Australian steel producers and NSW steel fabricators to work with designers to shape design and then undertake most of the manufacturing in the Hunter. Given the size of floating foundations and the modularity of most designs, it makes sense that foundations are manufactured close to Port of Newcastle, with many subcomponents spread across a local fabrication ecosystem

Reliable and Strong Energy

Offshore wind can supply large-scale, energy generation to meet the needs of a growing population. The Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm will be powered by strong, consistent wind resources off the coast to generate large, reliable and secure energy

Existing Deep Water Port

The Hunter is the ideal location for both the construction and operation of an offshore wind industry which requires deep water for vessel movement and direct access to Port of Newcastle

Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm Indicative Project Timeline


4 years
  1. Public Consultation

    Cth Energy Minister invites public submission for Pacific Ocean region off the coast of Newcastle.

  2. Offshore Area Declared

    Cth Energy Minister declares offshore area. Novocastrian Offshore Wind applies for Feasibility Licence application for the Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm.

  3. Feasibility Licence Granted

    Detailed feasibility licence activities including floating LiDAR deployment, environmental surveys, geotechnical investigations, design and engineering, detailed assessments of key infrastructure including Port of Newcastle.

Assembly and Construction

4 years
  1. Commence 2028

    A direct workforce of around 3,000 at construction peak will be needed to construct the Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm foundation components will be assembled quayside at port (a single steel foundation can weigh up to 4,500 tonnes).

  2. Assembly

    Onshore cranes will lift the wind turbine tower for connection to the floating foundation unit. Finally, the nacelle and blades with rotor diameter of around 250m, will be installed atop the wind turbine tower.

  3. Installation

    Assuming the 72-hour weather forecast is favourable, 3 tugboats travelling at 3 knots will take 2 days to tow 1 assembled WTG and floating foundation unit to the hook up site, around 40km from port. Marine crews on a hook up vessel and crew transfer vessel will then affix the unit to the mooring and anchor system, already installed on the seabed.

  4. Hookup

    Finally, a cable laying vessel will connect the units, substation and ultimately the export cable to shore. A further indirect workforce of around 7,000 Full Time Equivalents will be needed to support construction crews.

  5. First Energisation 2030

    Energisation of the first array of installed turbines. Electricity is transmitted into the NSW grid. Commissioning and final asset handover will occur after the final array is energised.

Operation and Maintenance

30 years
  1. Port of Newcastle HQ

    The Novocastrian Offshore Wind Farm will be serviced by a team based at The Port of Newcastle. A workforce of around 300 Full Time Equivalents will be needed to operate, monitor and maintain the offshore wind farm: from onshore control room technicians and facility managers to offshore turbine technicians, cable technicians, divers and vessel operators.

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